%&$*ing Paypal

I went to buy something the other day using Paypal and wasn’t able to. Didn’t realize until I loaded the Paypal site separately that their entire site was down at the time. “Go look at our status information,” it says. The status information didn’t cover that particular day so big help there. Ultimately, I was able to make my purchase later in the day. It took Paypal an extra day to actually decide they’d actually processed the request and send me a confirmation email. Yesterday, I try to pay my Web hosting bill using Paypal. Have a little bit of trouble with the Paypal site during the process (kept coming up with “Retry”) but ultimately, the request goes through, it’s showing in my Paypal account history, and I get returned (as expected) to my Web host’s site. Only problem is that the payment doesn’t appear to have actually made its way from Paypal to the Web host. So I write to the Web host. Their suggestion? To pay it again if it doesn’t come through to them in a day or two. Excuse me? It’s already been processed. Why would I pay you a second time?  No suggestion that perhaps they check from their end to see if maybe they’ve had a problem between them and Paypal. No, just pay it again. So, unless one of them gets their thumbs out of their asses in the next couple of days, I get to file a dispute. Lovely. In the meantime, my Web hosting isn’t getting paid for. For crying out loud, isn’t Paypal supposed to be making things easier instead of adding to my problems?


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