Style gurus

I admit that I’m not the most stylish person in the world. I was pretty well put together when I was younger but I’ve gone for comfort over look in recent years. Frumpy would probably best describe it. But it’s hard to be stylish when you have trouble finding clothes that fit.

Veronica WebbAs bad as my current style is, though, I would be reluctant to follow the advice of many of the style gurus you see on TV. I’m watching Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style right now. Tim Gunn and his companion, the so-called “style maven” Veronica Webb, have just descended on some woman’s house and stripped her closet. Veronica is wearing this absolute monstrosity of a patchwork yellow dress that looks like it doesn’t fit — the “waist band” is up under her bust at the front but at her waist in the back, and the skirt is very 50s-style — big and poofy — so it kind of makes her look like a little girl playing dress up in grandma’s homemade maternity clothes. Why would you take style advice from someone wearing something that horrific? I’ve had similar reactions to Stacy London on What Not to Wear — sometimes, you wonder what on earth she was thinking when she picked out her clothes (or agreed to wear what someone else picked out) for the day and yet you’re supposed to take her advice? Perhaps I’m not meant to be “in style”.

[Oh. My. God. Veronica’s third dress (see photo above) is almost as bad as the first — same empire-ish waist, huge freakin’ Jetsons skirt, seams that don’t match, big hand painted polka dots, and some kind of bizarre white furry underskirt peeking out of the bottom. WTF?]

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