Don’t let others drag you down

I volunteer for several organizations where (for a variety of reasons) the overall mood is one of apathy and/or depression. At all of them, I’m trying really hard to both maintain my own enthusiasm and raise the general mood of others at the same time. It’s hard. I’m struggling constantly against being sucked down into the abyss. I feel at times like I’ve jumped in to save someone who’s drowning only to have them almost drown us both.

This is where your vow to maintain a positive attitude really comes under pressure. Do you take it as a test, as an experiment to see whether you can be positive in the face of negativity? How long can an assault like that be taken, especially when it is happening on multiple fronts? At what point do you dump the negative environments or the negative people — or both? I have reasons (altruistic and selfish) for wanting to still be a part of all four organizations, and some of the most negative people at each of them are people I really like, so considering dumping any of them is difficult.

On an interesting note, Jonathan Cainer‘s guest astrologer this week, Steve Judd, says the following for me for Wednesday, June 4:

Financially, you’re being asked to consider your priorities. The difference between your needs, wants and desires is becoming steadily clearer, and today is a good day for methodically going through your bank statements and using them to plan potential futures. You’re in a more eliminative mood than normal, it’s a time where you can cut through excuses and be absolutely clear with yourself regarding who or what is of value. So by all means cut your losses and focus your energies into those things that are rewarding and productive – you’ll be glad you did.

and for Thursday, June 5:

It’s about communicating your feelings as much as your thoughts today; there’s an empathetic quality to the day. Sympathy is when you feel for a person; empathy is when you feel with them! Your receptive abilities are high and somewhat sensitive, so keep your shields strong. That way you can be of support to people without compromising your own position. Although, given the choice, today is better spent in the company of happy people as opposed to the doom and gloom merchants. You’re picking up a lot more than normal: you may not be psychic, but your intuition is up.

So, perhaps I’ll take a long weekend break from most of the negativity and rethink things.


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