Little vortices

One of those swirling clouds of anxiety has descended on me today. Most of it is a part of a large vortex of unfocused, general anxiety, a semi-permanent knot in the stomach. The rest of it is in little vortices of stress and worry over employment, school, money, life, health, and the like. I am struggling very hard but I’m about to go down for the count.

*sigh* Perhaps it’s hormonal. Hopefully it’s hormonal. Temporary I can handle.

Had a call today from a very earnest recruiter in Toronto. Trying very hard to convince me to relocate to Toronto. Learned from him that my Workopolis profile is at fault for all of the Toronto and southern Ontario calls I keep getting — it was set to show that I was willing to relocate within Canada. At the time, I was entertaining the thought of relocating, but it’s really not possible at the moment (and, frankly, Toronto really didn’t figure high in my choices of places I’d relocate to) so I’ve changed it.


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