Topsy Turvy Day

Got a call from the recruiter this morning. I have an interview tomorrow morning for that job I mentioned. I don’t have all the details. (He’s going to e-mail that this afternoon sometime.) I have to have examples of my Web content writing for them — he suggests in the form of a portfolio so I’m having to quickly create a stripped down version of the full portfolio. And I’m nervous about the interview itself. Haven’t had an interview in three years (well, one that followed the norm, and not counting the dismal failure of a government one from April.)

Back in February, I mentioned that I was planning on giving up one of the sites I look after. Well, in all of the hullabaloo around the lay off and life in general, I forgot to write them — and I forgot to update the site to take my content off it. They never reminded me that I hadn’t gotten back to them and I noticed today that there’s now a big notice on the front page saying that they’re looking for a new webmaster. So I wrote them telling them to remove my personal content from the site. It’s partly my fault — I should have taken care of it all before now — but I’m still pissed off about it and I’m sure my email shows that.

So I’m up and I’m down today. Feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest.


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