Open letter to a friend


My world does not revolve around you. This blog does not revolve around you. I have other friends. Not hundreds of them, granted, but they do exist. And I have shit going on in my life that you are not a part of so please, for the love of god, stop assuming that any post here is about you.

When have I ever been reluctant to come out and tell you point blank what I think or that I’m pissed off?  Do you really think I’d post about you in a blog that I know you read? Why would you think I would start doing that now when I’ve never done it before? It’s like gossiping about someone when you know they’re listening — it’s done to hurt the listener. I’m appalled that you think I’m that kind of person.

I was going to ask for the same courtesy, of not posting about me in a blog you know I read. But it’s really not my place to tell you what you should or shouldn’t write about. It’s a free blogosphere. I know you hate passive-aggression from others, though, and you need to know that that is exactly what you’re doing to me when you choose your blog as a way to tell me you’re upset about something that you think has occurred between us.

I’m just sayin’…

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