Which Torchwood member are you?

Found via The Rift while looking at Doctor Who blogs:

Which Torchwood member are you? (BBC America)

I had expected to come out as Ianto but instead, it appears that, like Adam, I’m Toshiko.

You are Toshiko

It’s tough being a geek. People walked all over you in high school, and you’re finding that adult life, sadly, isn’t so different. But without you, our computers would crash, we couldn’t program our DVD players, and our plasma screens would be on the fritz. Clearly, you’re a necessary part of the operation, even if everyone else doesn’t always realize it…

I’m a little disappointed. I suspect that I’m less Toshiko than I am just not quite Ianto, if you get my drift. You can tell from the questions who they’re referring to with each answer and I think I answered mostly Ianto and a split of Gwen and Toshiko, which averaged out to a Toshiko.

I demand a recount.


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