I’ve mentioned before that ConsciousOne offers online versions of several card decks, including Sylvia Browne’s “Heart and Soul” cards. I keep forgetting that I own a copy of the deck, but every now and then I use the online tool.

Today’s card, appropriately enough, is “Exercise”:

If you don’t move your body, your brain thinks you’re dead. Movement of the body will not only clear out the “sludge,” but will also give you more energy. Treat your body like a car–keep it tuned up and it will run for a very long time.

Edited to add: Just turned on the TV and Montel Williams is on, with special guest Sylvia Browne. Not sure how I feel about her, seeing her there. I think for me she’s someone best read and not seen or heard as I find her a little underwhelming “in person”. Then again, I frequently have trouble reading her as well, as she tends towards a Christian slant in much of her writing. Maybe she takes time to grow on you.

Wow, she’s got some massively long, almost deformed, fingernails.

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