Oo arr oo arr ay

Waaaaaayyyy back in the 70s, when I was still a kid living at home, my parents used to listen to what we called “The Old Fogies’ Station”. It featured a lot of Zamfir and Nana Mouskouri and the like. Its only saving grace is that it also frequently featured hits by those marvels of West Country charm and talent, the Wurzels. Thirty years later and I can still remember the words to some of their songs (Dad had/has a copy of The Combine Harvester album and I later bought him a “best of” CD) — I Am a Cider Drinker, The Blackbird, Combine Harvester, Keep Yer ‘And On Yer ‘Alfpenny — and I’ve been known to occasionally break into song (complete with accent) if someone says they’ve never heard of the group.

I Am A Cider Drinker (Top of the Pops 1976)

Combine Harvester (Top of the Pops 1976)

Maybe that explains why I just adore archeologist Phil Harding on Time Team.

And then, just to underscore the beautiful, wandering maze that is Youtube (like Wikipedia), searching for the Wurzels ultimately brought me back to another fave, John Barrowman, on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (see? all roads lead back to Doctor Who and Torchwood).


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