Kraft needs a technical writer

Just making myself a scrummy, yummy batch of Kraft Dinner Three Cheese mac and cheese (shells). I know how to cook it by heart, but for hoots I read the instructions. WTH? In order to include stovetop cooking instructions for classic style (loads of butter/margarine and just plain old “milk”) and new “Sensible Solution” style (less non-hydrogentated margarine, and “skim milk”), they’ve removed the microwave instructions. Microwave users are instructed to “See for Microwave Prep”.

As a writer, I’m appalled. Granted, I don’t think too many people have to actually read the instructions OR actually follow them when they do — you end up with really runny mac and cheese if you do — but still. It’s a triumph of marketing (“Oooh, let’s pretend that KD is a healthy choice.”) over useful information design.


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