Carver One

I’m watching old episodes of Top Gear right now. Episode 2-09 (2003) features the most marvelous vehicle I’ve ever seen, the Carver. It’s a three-wheeled cross between a car and a motorcycle that actually leans into corners. It gives you the thrill of riding a motorcycle with the safety of being enclosed in a car. And it seats two.

It’s not available yet in North America yet — they’re estimating late 2009. It cost 22,000 pounds back in 2003. They haven’t sorted out prices for the future North American release yet. Like the Smart Fortwo, it looks like they’ll have to tweak the European design.

So, I need to find a really good job really quickly so that I can save up the money to buy one of these when they roll off the cargo ship. 😉


Header image goes AWOL

The header image for this blog suddenly disappeared a short while ago. Of course, I can’t find where on earth I have a copy of the image on my local hard drive so I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour or so trying to find it. Finally I decided to check to see if anyone had reported problems.

Sure enough, there is a problem with broken images. According to that post thread:

Amazon’s S3 Service is down which is causing some image serving problems on

According to the Amazon Web Services health page, they’re still trying to fix problems with Amazon Simple Storage Service (EU) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (US). Their latest status is “We are continuing to pursue corrective action”. I’m guessing it’s going to be awhile.

So, if you don’t see a header image, you know why.

Merchandising gone astray?

I’m watching the Sunday omnibus of Coronation Street on CBC this morning and see an ad from CBC for Corrie-related products you…yes, you…can buy from CBC’s online store. I get offering mugs, t-shirts, games, etc. But who on earth came up with Coronation Street shampoo and conditioner? says “Enjoy these Salon Formula bath and body products especially designed for Coronation Street fans” — how exactly do you design bath products for fans of a particular show? How are tangerine and mango shampoo and conditioner, satsuma and orange volumizing spray, and melon and cucumber hand soap of particular interest to Coronation Street fans? Do they think the scents or ingredients scream “British”? Or is it just the packaging that they mean when they say “designed for”? Now, I will admit that they sound like they’d smell really nice but seriously?

As far as I can see, they aren’t offered by anyone but CBC. Shouldn’t surprise me.