Merchandising gone astray?

I’m watching the Sunday omnibus of Coronation Street on CBC this morning and see an ad from CBC for Corrie-related products you…yes, you…can buy from CBC’s online store. I get offering mugs, t-shirts, games, etc. But who on earth came up with Coronation Street shampoo and conditioner? says “Enjoy these Salon Formula bath and body products especially designed for Coronation Street fans” — how exactly do you design bath products for fans of a particular show? How are tangerine and mango shampoo and conditioner, satsuma and orange volumizing spray, and melon and cucumber hand soap of particular interest to Coronation Street fans? Do they think the scents or ingredients scream “British”? Or is it just the packaging that they mean when they say “designed for”? Now, I will admit that they sound like they’d smell really nice but seriously?

As far as I can see, they aren’t offered by anyone but CBC. Shouldn’t surprise me.


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