Magical powers

My parents have special, magical powers.

I don’t mean that they can fly or stop bullets or read minds, or even that they can rival David Copperfield. But strange and magical things happen when my parents and I are about to come together. As soon as a decision has been made and tickets bought, something in the Universe starts moving. It affects my life…and it affects the weather wherever we are going to be.

Shortly after they’d announced their trip and bought their tickets for their first visit to see me here, my endless, dreary slogging away at a call centre came to an end with the sudden and unexpected call about the government job that just ended. We had a running joke that they needed to schedule a visit whenever my contract was due to expire. Sure enough, shortly after they scheduled each subsequent trip and bought their tickets, I got notice that my contract was being extended. It happened every time they came for a visit. They didn’t schedule a visit this time and look what happened — an unexpected layoff.

Here’s the funny thing. Now that my ticket has been bought and everything for my quickie trip home in August, the same thing is happening. The work for the existing client is gearing up again, a possible new client has unexpectedly appeared on the horizon, and on Friday I got word that I’d gotten the contract job I’d interviewed for on Thursday. It’s with a company that I’ve been having a hell of a time getting a nibble from by applying the ordinary way so I’m really excited to get started. The job apparently is as a Junior Project Manager, which I think is a hoot. (M, if you read this, you’ll understand the humour in that.)

Oh, yeah, the weather. Almost forgot about that. While the magic surrounding me and employment seems to require only that they book their trip, the magic surrounding the weather happens when they’re here. It’s not always nice magic. Their first trip heralded one of the worst heat and humidity waves I’ve ever experienced here. It arrived with them and left with them. A subsequent trip occurred during Winterlude, one of the warmest Winterludes we’d had — they brought -35 degree temperatures with them that left with them, messing up their plans to walk around but saving the final weekend of Winterlude. Another visit brought with it terrible wind storms that caused severe damage — it also stopped when they left. I wonder if the weather thing works in reverse, too. Better make sure the cat has extra food and water in case I’m snowed in there. LOL


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