No, not really. But it *was* a really incredible thunderstorm. The sky was so dark in the office today by a little after 4pm, you would have thought it was 8 or 9. We went to the windows (thankfully the boss is on vacation so we could go to his window — though I think he’d have been happy to have us there to watch with him even if he was there) and just watched for five or ten minutes — it was truly impressive.

I’ve never seen lightning this low and this close. I’m on the top of the building at work so the lightning was coming in at about eye level, with only a fraction of a second between light show and thunder crack. (Apparently, at least one of the cracks set off car alarms in the parking lot.) I’ve watched thunderstorms from home where the lightning has been directly above or very near my building, but close there is a dozen floors above me, not outside my window. It was beautiful.

Wish I’d brought my camera, but at least I found a decent ground-level video of it on Youtube: