Woke up feeling like something large was sitting on my chest…and it wasn’t the cat.

A smog advisory was issued for much of southern and eastern Ontario today. The humidity is oppressive. Even now, at 10:30 pm, it’s supposed to be 22 degrees Celsius but it is so humid that I’m absolutely soaked as I sit here typing this. It’s making sleep difficult and I’m having weird dreams when I sleep. Tomorrow looks to be more of the same.

What happened to the lovely dry, temperate weather we had a week ago? It was wonderful. It got up into the low 20s but it wasn’t humid and it wasn’t raining. It was perfection. This is just gross. I don’t know how people live in places where it gets even hotter and more humid. I suppose you’re used to it if you grow up there or you get used to it or you move there because you like it. I think I’d go insane.

My asthma has kicked in, my chest and back hurts, and I just feel icky and sticky.


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