Oh no you didn’t

You know a commercial is effective when you have the song going through your head continually.

Tonight, it’s the Mercenaries 2 commercial, “Oh No You Didn’t”.

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, yo yo yo
(Oh no you didn’t)
Sucker tried to play me, but you never paid me never
(Oh no you didn’t)
Payback is a’comin’, you will be runnin’ forever
(Oh no you didn’t)
Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem
(Oh no you didn’t)
I’m a mercenary, you ain’t got a prayer, you owe me
(Oh no you didn’t)

Not a game I’d ever play (not that I play computer games, anyway), but the song is really catchy.

The official Pandemic Studios site for the game has the full-length version of the song (with additional verses) available for download as well as the commercial and a behind-the-scenes video you can download.

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