The smell of Fall

I don’t know what it is. It’s not what I would normally associate with the smell of Fall: decaying vegetation, a North wind, school supplies. It’s hotter than hell in my living room (probably because of the electronics in the room and the fact that the only window is the balcony door, and the balcony is partially closed in. I had such a hard time getting comfortable where I normally sleep so I got up last night and slept in the recliner in my bedroom instead of the living room. With the window wide open and a fan blowing on me, it got quite cool and I had the sudden realization that, away from heat of the living room and with the cooling down that has been coming at night, I can smell Fall coming, with Winter on its heels.


Simon’s Cat

If you have a cat and you haven’t seen these videos yet, watch them. Now. If you have seen them, watch them again. (You know you wanna.) And if you have an account at Youtube, subscribe to his channel.

All three videos are absolutely hilarious, but the latest one (uploaded a month ago but I didn’t notice until tonight) is the one I most empathize with.

Simon’s Cat “TV Dinner” Simon’s Cat “Let Me In” SImon’s Cat “Cat Man Do”

The third video upload apparently coincided with the cartoon’s television premiere on BBC2.

I just realized that his uploads of the videos have had huge numbers of views: the first and second videos have had 4,011,585 and 6,239,691 views (and 6,041 and 10,236 comments) respectively; and the third and latest one has had 2,789,188 views (4,553 comments) just in the month since it was uploaded. And he has 43,542 subscribers so far. Holy cow! I can’t believe that that only rates him #10 Most Subscribed UK and #48 Most Viewed UK and apparently not even top #100 worldwide for either.