Enough with fierce

It was bad enough having to endure it from Christian all during last year’s Project Runway and then having to endure it throughout cycle 10 on America’s Next Top Model. But she’s doing it again. Tyra is using “fierce” all over the freaking place. Enough already.

The first episode of America’s Next Top Model 11 is getting weirder — and, yes, more stupid — each season. This was unbelievably bad. The whole Top Model Institute of Technology thing is just really cheesy. It looks like a really low budget (and I mean a couple of hundred dollars, tops) Sci Fi movie. Or 80s porn.

Top 5 America’s Next Top Model 11 pet peeves for this week (in addition to the above):

  1. The cattiness about and towards Isis — I’m all for general cattiness (that’s part of why we watch these kinds of reality shows) but that’s going to an ugly place almost immediately from the start.
  2. Clark — Her beauty pageant looks don’t warrant the conceit she exhibits; and she’s one of the bitchiest girls there. Maybe they’ll cut off all her hair in the makeover episode.
  3. Sharaun — Didn’t think anyone could be more conceited than Clark but here she is.
  4. Hannah continually mentioning that she grew up without water or electricity — We get it. You done growed up with nothing in the middle of nowhere. Time to move on.
  5. Tyra making the one plus-sized model hopeful stuff extra padding around her

Top 5 America’s Next Top Model 11 likes for this week:

  1. Clark being picked nearly last in just about everything — seriously, the girl needs to be taken down several pegs.
  2. Sharaun being eliminated — she was just too cocky for words. Talk about asking the Universe to slap you upside the head
  3. Isis — I don’t think she has a hope in hell of winning but she’s more model-world-savvy than any of the others
  4. Elina — One of my favourites this season, despite her having the hots for Clark. Mind you, if she can help Clark smarten the hell up, that’s even more reason to like her
  5. Sheena — Another favourite this season, possibly even my top favourite at this point

You can probably guess some of my answers to Erin at Top Model Gossip (gotta bookmark that site):

Did you feel the Top Model Institute of Technology theme worked?
Hell, no. The concept might have worked but the cheese was way over-the-top.

What do you think of Tyra’s finalist choices?
I think she picked pretty well. I might have swapped a couple but overall, I agree with her choices.

How do you feel about the girls’ reaction to Isis?
I think the overall reaction was good. Asking questions is a good sign. The cattiness from some of them was, as I said above, really ugly and says more about the girls saying the ugliness than the object of their jabs.

Is Elina’s super-strong sexuality for real? Or for drama?
Could be a little of both, but I would lean towards real. I know a couple of people like her and they are genuine. I’d love to see her hitting on Clark. I think Clark would freak out. Did you notice she was the first hug Clark after Clark was called second to last of the 14? She’s making the moves already. Too funny.

What did you think of the “voting is sexy theme?”
The concept was interesting and might be effective. I’m not sure about the sets. Bureacracy? Seriously? I get most of the others because they were about key issues — immigration, privacy, education — but “bureaucracy? Glad that Clark had that one but still think it was a lame choice.

Which girl is your early favorite?
Elina and Sheena first, followed by Marjorie

Whose photo was the best? Worst?
Clark’s and Sharaun’s were the worst. Marjorie’s and Isis’ were the best.

Who is in the greatest need of a makeover?
Almost all of them could. Isis could use a little help to soften some of the hard lines that still remain. Clark needs to lose the Brittany Spears’ look. Hannah looks too young and immature to be a model. McKey needs to lose the burgundy hair.

[Edited to add: I just replayed the elimination — did you see the sneering smirk on Clark’s face when Sharaun dropped to a crouch after being eliminated? No wonder. She’s now the Queen of Cockiness. LOL]