America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 episode 3

I know. It aired several days ago. I was toying with the idea of just not posting about it again. But there Erin goes again, hauling out the hard-hitting questions, making me have to post. So here goes:
Do you think Hannah is racist? Or just sheltered/naive?

I think she’s had a very limited upbringing without the exposure to people, places, and things outside of her home “in a small town in Alaska”. I think ANTM is going to chew her up and spit her out, and if it doesn’t, the modelling world will.

On the other hand, maybe she’s just a really good actress.

Was Sheena brave or silly or denying having fake breasts, then coming forward with the truth?

I think she was silly to have lied about them in the first place. I mean, come on. 100% genuine, real breasts don’t look like that in that kind of a pose. They just don’t. Was she brave coming clean about them? Not for a second. She knew she’d been caught out in a lie and that it was going to come back and bite her in the ass later. So, brave? No. But smart? Very. Sometimes it’s all about damage control.

Are Nykeisha’s excuses legitimate? Or a cop out?

The only reason she was still there this week was that ShaRaun was so much more horrible than she was. The excuses for eh-verything, the interrupting people, the inability to actually pull a good pose.

Whose photo was the best? Or worst?

I wasn’t excited by Lauren Brie’s. She looked a little sickly in it. I liked Elina’s. Marjorie looked a bit like Stevie Nicks with that headband, but hers was up there, too.

Did Isis deserve to be in the bottom two?

Yeah, I’d say she did. Her final photo wasn’t that bad but most everything she did leading up to it was less than stellar, from the posing class to the actual accessories posing to most of her ladder poses. She also really looks unkempt — and almost ashamed — whenever she comes to the judging panel. I applaud her struggle to become who she feels she should be, but she has massive obstacles (and I don’t mean prejudice) to overcome to get much further in ANTM (assuming one ignores the drama factor of keeping her). Had she not been a transsexual, I doubt she would have made it as far as she has with what she’s been doing.

What are they doing to Elina in the makeover episode next week?

I don’t know but after all the hype of the previews, someone better be getting something drastic done. And cutting long hair short, putting extensions in short hair, making Clark a brunette or someone else a blonde or redhead ain’t gonna cut it. I want to see a bald head or blue mohawk or something equally extreme to warrant the “something never done before on Top Model” shtick.

Ooh, just had a thought. Maybe it’s an extreme makeover for Isis, if you get my drift. That would truly be a “top model first”.  The ANTM Extreme Makeover Episode.

Or maybe not. Too bad — they could throw in de-hootchifying for Sheena. I have to admit that I’m disappointed by the makeover previews — making Clark a brunette is not taking out the pretty pretty. Now, a short haircut like Marjorie’s with the brown would have been something. Instead, making her a brunette will make her look even more like a gelfling.