Ding dong, Horatio is dead

Or is he?

I’ve disliked the character Horatio Caine almost since the beginning of CSI: Miami years ago (and that’s David Caruso’s fault for the really bad, William Shatner-esque acting). That dislike is the reason that I didn’t watch the show at all last year. And the only reason I’m watching tonight is to see if it is true, if Horatio really is dead.

I’m suspicious. It’s 15 minutes into the episode, the body has gone AWOL, and no one on the team, bar one person supposedly, has seen the body. I’m sure that means that Horatio is still alive — if he doesn’t turn up alive by the end of this episode, then I imagine we’ll see him soon, and if that’s the case, guess who won’t be watching this season either.

Added 19 minutes in: Ah, there we go. Hotario is alive. Well, I guess I can safely ignore CSI: Miami this year as well.


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