Getting down to work

To continue on from my only October post, Haven’t got a clue, shortly after that post, I got notification that my Secret clearance has come through. That opens up my options a little bit, as I can now apply for jobs that require that level of clearance.  I also got an e-mail from a contracting agency the Monday of the last week of my contract (last Monday of October). We talked, we met, and ultimately they put my name forward for a new contract. Unfortunately, the morning of my interview, I got a call from them saying that the client picked someone they’d interviewed the previous day and so I didn’t need to go in for the interview.

Alrighty then.

I spoke with the manager of the place I had been working again before my contract ended. They’re hoping for something to come up early next year and he kept repeating how much they would love to have me working there again. But it all depends on the economy — the company froze all spending the minute the crash happened and who knows when that will turn around. I gave him a newly printed business card and we both promised to keep in touch.

At that point, I decided to do what I’d intended to do all along, which is take a couple of weeks to do absolutely nothing. Got another call from the agency, about a different contract, and they’ve put my resume forward for that. It seems to be one of those slow-moving ones, but at least this agency actually keeps in touch with you on a regular basis, unlike the one who placed me in my last contract — haven’t heard from them since I wrote to the agent asking if there was anything else on tap the last week of my contract. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get an interview for that contract. I’m lapsing into some bad habits being home all the time and I’d like to be working again. Haven’t heard anything more about another contract that another agency was putting me forward for. *sigh* It’s the nature of the beast, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

So, I’ve managed to blow through my two weeks of self-defined vacation doing nothing useful — faffing in all its glory — and now I really should start actively looking for something else. Not feeling it today, though. Applying for jobs usually requires creating customized resumes and cover letters, which can be mentally taxing and I’m not sure my head’s in the right place right now.


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