The Apron, revisited

As I wrote before, one of my biggest worries about losing weight is being left with empty folds of skin all over the place, especially from the dreaded apron of fat or panniculus. I wouldn’t hesitate to have surgery to remove any excess skin, you understand, but I would much prefer to not have to risk surgery or spend that kind of money if there’s anything I can do to prevent it in the first place. (Yes, I know…the best prevention would have been not gaining weight in the first place but that’s obviously not a place I can go back to.)

Janice Elizabeth Small, the weight loss coach I mentioned in that earlier post, has a number of sites, including Think Slim and her Q&A blog, I”m trying to keep things as simple for myself right now so I’m avoiding reading too much about weight loss right now — experience tells me that if I start delving too deeply, I get overwhelmed and discouraged and that’s the one thing I can’t afford to have happen right now — but the Q&A blog in particular has a number of interesting posts related to obesity and the issues of loose skin.

The article I’d mentioned in that previous post is How to Avoid Loose Skin Problems After Weight Loss. Other interesting posts from Janice include:

15 Simple Metabolism Boosting Secrets, which suggests that you

1 Eat little and often
2. Eat breakfast
3. Eat enough
4. Eat Lean Protein
5. Eat Fibre
6. Spice up your food
7. Drink Coffee
8. Drink Green Tea
9. Get active
10. Walk it off
11. Build those muscles
12. Go hot or cold
13. Drink Iced Water
14. Watch the alcohol
15. Take up yoga

(Read the full post on her blog for explanations of why each of those tips helps boost your metabolism.)


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