The Me Project: Day 2 begins

Have to stop this waking up at 1:30 am rut I seem to be stuck in. It gets my internal clock all messed up.

Was going to go for a little walk this morning, but hate to walk without music and can’t find my MP3 player. Then realized I still haven’t cleaned my fridge or kitchen cupboards so that can be my workout for the day.

As I wrote before, one of my biggest worries about losing weight is being left with empty folds of skin all over the place, especially from the dreaded apron of fat or panniculus. I wouldn’t hesitate to have surgery to remove any excess skin, you understand, but I would much prefer to not have to risk surgery or spend that kind of money if there’s anything I can do to prevent it in the first place. (Yes, I know…the best prevention would have been not gaining weight in the first place but that’s obviously not a place I can go back to.)

I’m trying to keep things as simple for myself right now so I’m avoiding reading too much about weight loss right now — experience tells me that if I start delving too deeply, I get overwhelmed and discouraged and that’s the one thing I can’t afford to have happen right now. I might as well start out as I mean to go on, though, and reread those articles I’d mentioned in that post. Additionally, Janice Elizabeth Small, the weight loss coach I mentioned in that earlier post, has a post called 15 Simple Metabolism Boosting Secrets that suggests some things you can do to boost your metabolism and make weight loss a little bit easier.

Off topic: A couple of days ago, I changed the theme on this blog. I’m not as fond of this theme as I was of ChaoticSoul but this one at least has next post and previous post links on each post, which is the reason for the switch. I’m annoyed that you can’t customize WordPress blogs a great deal unless you install a copy of WordPress on your own site, but that’s the price you pay for a free blog.

Musique du jour:

Who am I kidding? I’ve been listening to Tokio Hotel’s “Durch Den Monsun” on autorepeat for about five hours now. Crazy, I know. But it’s occupying that part of my brain that wants to go have a nap. I’m nearing saturation point on it, though.

Word of the day:

The Urban Dictionary defines it well: “To muck about, wasting time doing something not necessary.” As in “I’ve been faffing about so much that I’ve accomplished nothing in the last two years.”

Daily reading: Today, it’s a single-card draw from Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes:

Back to Basics – Raise the bar on self awareness. Are you neglecting your physical body?

(Idle comment: It’s really hard to properly riffle a deck of large cards, and riffling unfortunately emphasizes any lack of symmetry in the trimming of the deck — Hay House clearly rounded the corners differently on the top of the cards than on the bottom and it now looks like a bad homemade trimming job. )


Jonathan Cainer: People would never parade worthless glass beads as if they were expensive jewellery, yet they air their opinions as if they had great importance. Even though these are rarely thought through, they love to expound them as if they were pearls from the oyster of understanding that dwells deep beneath the sea of wisdom. Someone in your world now is talking bull. How can you tell who this is? Why, that’s easy. First, make sure that no such nonsense is tumbling out of your own mouth. Then listen carefully.
[my mouth is frequently spewing nonsense but since I’m not likely to be talking to anyone today, this probably isn’t particularly pertinent] You are losing patience with someone who continues to turn small problems into major disasters. Even if some damage control is required today, you don’t think that everything needs to cease just to deal with one issue. If others continue to play the drama card, you might be better off just walking away now.
[oh, hell, I’m frequently impatient. It’s something I’m working on. And I’m finding it easier to walk away instead of giving in.]

Astrocenter: Any activities taking place in your near neighborhood should prove satisfying today. You should be feeling pretty secure financially right now, as career and money matters continue to go well for you. Contact with friends, neighbors and relatives should be open, congenial and honest, and relationships of all kinds are apt to be pretty stable. In the evening: Take a brisk walk near your home.
[Erm, wouldn’t it be nice if that meant that I’d get a call about a job today. Otherwise, not so sure about the whole financial security/career stuff.]


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