The Me Project: Day 3

Still stuck on this weird semi night shift sleep pattern. Today’s goal was to actually stay awake long enough to go to bed at a proper time (10 or 11pm). That didn’t happen — ended up taking a nap before I went out today, but that might have been a good thing as I might actually make it to 10pm.

Got my hair cut today. It’s similar to what I had before, spiky at the back with a bang/fringe at the front. We left the front longer so that I can push it back if I want, but she parted it on the wrong side and I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to keep the hair from blocking both eyes. I like it, but I really need to colour it. Not sure I’m a happy medium brown, though — I miss my old dark brown, and I miss my 80s streaks. (Streaks and highlights are hard to maintain when you’re also covering grey, unless you can afford to go to a salon regularly.) Started talking wistfully about having perms and my favourite hair stylist tells me perms are coming back. Then she mentions beehives and we go off on a tangent about Amy Winehouse and the perils of being rich and famous. We decided that lottery winnings would be wasted on us as we’d blow the money chartering a private jet to Paris for lunch or to Italy for a weekend shopping trip, slumming it in $3000 a night hotels, rather than helping the less fortunate. We were being silly about it in the extreme, but I actually wish I could afford to take frequent long weekend trips away — I love hotels but I’m not particularly happy away from home for very long periods of time. I know. It’s seems like a waste, all that money on airfare for a couple of days, but if the only other option is to go nowhere at all and you can afford it, then why not? Mind you, I hate travelling alone so I’d need a companion.

Bought new headphones, as well, so that I can least use my portable CD player for walks until I find my MP3 player. Was going to buy groceries but my back was killing me so I came home instead. Will get them tomorrow instead. Besides, I still haven’t cleaned the fridge and it’s been giving me the evil eye. Brought Subway home for supper. Not a good choice all things considered, but it sure tasted good.

Musique du jour:

Still all Tokio Hotel, all the time…with the odd bit of Cyndi Lauper, Katy Perry, and Live thrown in like a palate-cleansing sorbet. Danced in the dark, with only the iTunes visualizer for light, to “Into the Nightlife”.

Word of the Day:


Defined in Wikipedia as “a form of propaganda whose techniques usually consist of a few people attempting to give the impression that mass numbers of enthusiasts advocate some specific cause.”

Comes to mind after watching a documentary about how to write a romance novel. Amazon’s book pages and message boards are fertile grounds for several examples of ongoing astroturfing campaigns by several authors (including Robert Stanek, who is often held up as a classic example of astroturfing in the world of science fiction and fantasy and whose efforts I came across personally several years ago). David Louis Edelman offers a good post about ethical self-promotion for authors.

Reading: Didn’t do one today. But I did take my vitamins. Is that a fair trade?

Horoscope: From Jonathan Cainer

You may be embroiled in a complex emotional situation, but it is going to have a happy outcome no matter which resources you feel you lack – or how desperate an aspect of your situation seems to be getting, just keep smiling. Or, at least, stop frowning. Today may not bring all the relief and inspiration you seek. Tomorrow may not bring it either. But soon something big will move significantly. There’s a reason why things are now so unreasonable. There’s a reason, too, why you really may as well relax and stop worrying.


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