The Me Project: Day 4 – Decide

Hair driving me nuts. Finally had to put it back in the hair band, which defeats the purpose of the new haircut. Having an emotional roller coaster of a day, all over the map. That was reflected in the fact that I pretty much slipped back into old eating habits. Didn’t eat quite as much as I probably would ordinarily, but it was all the wrong stuff — chocolate, Pringles, Pizza Pockets — and I feel ill for having eaten it. It’s certainly not helping the mood swings.

Need a break from my computer. Spending too much time online: surfing, reading, arguing, buying. Losing huge amounts of time and energy to it all, not to mention money that I don’t really have.

Musique du jour:

$&*%#ing Tokio Hotel. Get out of my head. 😉

Word of the day:


which mean crappy or screwed up in Yiddish. Kind of fits how I am feeling about myself today. Other less rude Jewish words can be found in The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know.

Reading: From Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes deck

Decide: […] The moment you truly decide on a particular goal and fully commit to a course of action, the Universe can step up and begin to assist you. . But until you decide, the only thing the Universe and all your Divine support systems can do is respect your free will and patiently wait. […] Once your intention is set, however, all sources of Higher Power are ready, willing, and able to assist you. So, ask yourself: “What have I decided, and what is my intention right now?” Once you name it, all systems are go.

[Wow, talk about an appropriate card to draw for today. That really is my problem, deciding what it is that I actually want…and having the courage to actually say it and mean it.]

Horoscope: From Jonathan Cainer

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? Or finding the courage to take your feet off the bottom of the pool and start swimming? There are some processes in life that we can’t easily explain or rationalise. We just have to summon up a little faith and plunge ourselves into the experience. Somehow, we find a way to make things work. It is now as if you are being asked, by life, to acquire a new psychological trick. Thinking about how to accomplish what’s required won’t help. Just doing what you can, bravely, will.


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