The Me Project: Day 15

Still sleeping weird patterns. Still haven’t cleaned out the fridge, so still haven’t bought groceries, and still haven’t stopped buying the fast and easy junk food.

Doesn’t help that I’m feeling the omgihavetogetajobreallyreallyREALLYsoon panic building — and panic makes me eat. EI is taking the full 28 days to make a decision about restarting my previous claim. I have no idea why. It’s not complicated, but they did the same thing last time. I have to call them tomorrow morning (Monday). My request to get a lump sum transfer value of my unlocked-in pension is also straggling — turns out that, despite my having mailed it in 3 months ago, it never actually hit someone’s desk until my call lit a fire under someone’s butt; and it also turns out that they were waiting for a copy of my birth certificate. I have to call them later on this week to see what else they’re waiting for. Once they have everything from my old HR department, Superannuation has up to 45 days to issue the payment. (If they’re anything like EI, they’ll make sure they take the full 45 days — after all, why make it easy for the punter.) *sigh*

I may not have been doing a lot of weight-loss related stuff over the last couple of days, but I have been doing a lot of thinking (in between the O’Henry chocolate bars). I’m a little bit closer to knowing what I want to do, where I want to go, so it hasn’t been a completely unproductive weekend. I’m going to go try to get some normal sleep and then start my December by (a) getting at least my kitchen cleaned and (b) getting stuck back into some contract work I’d let slide while I was working (they may have given up on me).

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Nada NaNo

Never managed to get around to actually writing as part of this year’s NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. Mind you, I didn’t get around to doing much of anything else either so welcome to my life, NaNoWriMo. Think I can write 49,000 words in 21 hours?

While surfing around tonight, which I’m doing since I am still overstimulated by an excess of caffeine and Pink’s “Sober” on autorepeat, I came across NaBloPoMo, the National Blog Posting Month. The idea is to post at least once a day, every day, for the whole month. It’s way too late for me to take part in the official November prizapalooza — I’ll have made 30+ posts but not at least one every day — but I’ve signed up to take part in December. So that’s a promise of 31 posts at least in December. The suggested monthly theme is “THANKS!”. Maybe I’ll take it as a sign to start that gratitude journal that I’ve been promising to start.