The Me Project: Day 16

Finally got the EI situation cleared up.

Talked to Nik today about being old and overweight (what else would we talk about). She’s thinking about coming for a visit in February. I’d like to see her but we’re both reluctant to be seen, if you get my drift.

I really need to get off my ass and really do this. I’m tired of having this built-in excuse for why I can’t do things. It has served it’s purpose and it needs to go.

Musique du jour:

Today I’ve been listening to what I like to call my load mix, while I load my new library. While doing that, I downloaded a couple of Harlequin songs from iTunes as well as Heart’s “Wait for an Answer”. Now that’s definitely a song that sparks an emotion in you and it isn’t a safe, happy one. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.


From Jonathan Cainer: The more you feel you know a place, the more you like it. Similarly, you find it easier to be comfortable with folk whose faces you recognise. That’s not always an advantage. It can cause you to repeat old syndromes, and to place more trust in the devils you know than in the ones you don’t. It can even mean that when new possibilities arise, you dismiss them as demonic developments, even when they are angelic offerings. What’s changing in your life now, is to be embraced, not feared.


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