The Me Project: Day 17

Not horrible, food-wise. Ordered some absolutely scrumptious ravioli from Boston Pizza. Too much of it, but it was worth the angst.

Shopped a little (OK, a lot) online. Probably too much.

Having a good think about where exactly I want to be.

Talking to Nik the other day reminded me of what I really want. I’d forgotten it in the midst of the haze of not sleeping properly and massive, killer sugar binges. I need to stop thinking, worrying ahead and just concentrate what I can/should be doing now. I don’t want any more missed opportunities to just enjoy myself because I was too self-conscious or filled with self-loathing. In an ideal world, I’d have learned to be happy with myself the way I am, but this isn’t an ideal world and I’m not a ideal person. I can’t be truly happy overweight — to say otherwise would be a lie. I can be resigned to my lot in life, which is the easy, lazy road I’ve been on, or I can get onto a different road and actually live.

I know which one appeals to me now and I need to remember that.

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