The Me Project: Days 18 & 19

Didn’t go to bed Wednesday night so figured I might as well combine the two days’ posts since they’ve become one long day. Rather than doing what I have been doing, which is going to bed in the morning after staying up all night, I decided to try staying up until the evening with the help of some 5-hour Energy. I haven’t used it since my contract ended — don’t want to become psychologically dependent on it and lessen the effects when I really need it. Sad to say, I’ve missed it. The 5-hour Energy definitely made me more alert, not just more awake. Unfortunately, today it’s been fighting an uphill battle against the lingering side effects of me having forgotten to take my antihistamines for a couple of days. I took the drugs but it took several hours for them to actually clear things up, hours during which I succumbed to the congestion and went to bed. So, bit of a waste of the 5-hour Energy.

Got woken up during that allergy-ridden sleep by a recruiter at the agency that placed me on my last contract. It’s for a combo tester and technical writer, which sounds like it might be right up my alley. They want someone to start on Monday (for 3 months) but, given that I’m only being submitted today, I don’t know how that’s going to work.

Otherwise, the days have been a blur of very little that was productive. I’m waiting for several Christmas presents to myself: a copy of Ciro Marchetti’s new Legacy of the Divine tarot, Tokio Hotel’s Caught on Camera DVD set, a hair styling iron, and some books (including “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging”, which piqued my interest after seeing Arianna Huffington on the Daily Show the other night).

Musique des jours:

Today, it’s Tokio Hotel again. Got my hands on some lesser-known tracks, including the very lovely “Hilf mir fliegen” (Help Me Fly), which has been playing on autorepeat today (with Autoscrobbler off).

Yesterday was a variety of classic 80s hits.


Wednesday’s Jonathan Cainer: Nobody comes to this planet for an easy life. We may all dream of one, hope for one or even strive to create one, but if we think that ‘existence’ is connected to ‘ease’, we are wrong. I hear tell, though, of a planet, similar to ours, many galaxies away – it too is covered in water and has global internet access. Apparently, all they do all day is sit around in the sun reading Hello. Many souls, hoping to end up there, turn up here by mistake. You can’t expect much to be easy today. But one thing will be a lot less difficult than you fear.

Thursday’s Jonathan Cainer: Some people believe there is a sign or a message of some kind contained in every event. That implies a somewhat hyperactive guardian angel, urgently engineering events in order to drop heavy hints. We have to ask why, if something so powerful is observing us this intently, it can’t just cut out the guessing games and send us a text message. You can read whatever you like into today’s development, as long as you see something positive. If you think you’re being sent discouraging news, you’re not.


I hate it when they do that

I hate it when WordPress just changes things suddenly*. You log in with your dashboard looking one way and then save a post to have the look and layout of the dashboard change completely.

And it always feels like a step backwards. Oh, I’m sure that eventually I’ll get used to things and it won’t be so annoying, but right now I’m cranky about it. It doesn’t resize well — I frequently don’t have my browser open at maximum width and so now the updated, “floating” right-hand sidebar now overlaps my posting area.

New WordPress post screen

Not happy about that. The new WordPress dashboard design appears to be expecting a minimum window width of just shy of 1000 pixels — I could understand 800, like many WordPress themes, but why 1000? One of the main reasons for locking widths is usually to accomodate header graphics and the like — there are none in the WordPress dashboard so I fail to see why they couldn’t make all of the columns resizeable.


* (Yes, I know it wasn’t sudden, but I suspect that most people don’t read blog posts.)

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