The Me Project: Day 20

Still feeling the effects of uncontrolled allergies meeting long-delayed antihistamines. Drowsy beyond belief, and brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. Have spend half the day trying to sleep and the other half stuck in front of my computer doing nothing at all that appeared to be productive on the surface. What I was doing, in fact, was working out specifically what I need to do this weekend to get things on track. That includes cleaning and buying groceries. My avoidance of that is taking so much more energy than just doing it — procrastination is hard work.

Word of the day:

muzzy, fuzzy and muddled, as in “I’m so tired that I’m muzzy-headed.”

Musique du jour:

Sparks Propaganda and Whomp That Sucker. Well, yes, there might have been the odd Tokio Hotel song or three in there somewhere.


Jonathan Cainer: ‘How do you do?’ ‘Fine how are you…’ There is a reason why we start conversations like this. It’s because the moment you leave two people to communicate without any guidelines, they end up misunderstanding one another! Some of us are very good at talking but not very good at listening. Others hear what has not been said! Generally, we have no idea about what we ought to say, so we play it safe. This weekend, you can be polite if you want to, but if you actually need to get a message across, you’d be better off being blunt.


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