The Me Project: Day 21

Aw, cool. My stats rolled over 10,000 yesterday. I know that doesn’t seem like many hits but you have to figure that this time last year, I was getting about 50 hits a month and those mostly from family and friends. Now, I’m averaging more a day than I was getting in a month. Very exciting. Granted, a lot of the hits are to several specific popular posts, but that’s OK.

Anyhoo, I’m going to stop posting daily “Me Project” posts (will do them weekly or maybe a couple of times a week) — they’re mostly for my own benefit anyway, since I doubt they are of interest to anyone but me. I’ll still post every day, but I’ve been working on some posts behind the scenes, mostly related to weight loss.

nails1 nails2I can, however, report that, though I did bite two nails (couldn’t find my file in time and rough nails tips are very seductive to a nail biter), I’ve managed to keep the rest growing. So that’s at least one goal I’ve managed to keep over the last three weeks. Sometimes you take comfort in small victories. Chronically-bitten nails don’t grow in quite the same as never-bitten nails — and you can see that the nail beds are really short. Right now, the nails aren’t a great deal longer than short never-bitten nails would be, but they have all the inconvenience of proper long nails. BTW, despite the look of that first picture, I do not have fat fingers or hands — probably two of the few places on my body that aren’t carrying a little extra something — but they definitely aren’t long, pianist hands. More like peasant farmer’s wife hands.

Musique du jour:

I’ve been watching the new Moosebutter video on repeat since I learned of it. I should stop that. It’s eating up my bandwidth unnecessarily, especially since I have the original song. But it’s fun to watch them.

Horoscope: From Jonathan Cainer

Your Week Ahead: No matter how far we travel, we never seem to get more than a brief break from trouble. Like some cackling tormentor, trouble tracks us down and demands that we once again submit ourselves to stress. There is a sense now, in which you feel like a fearful refugee from the tyranny of tension. You have escaped one awkward scenario, but suspect another will arise soon. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim in hiding, think of yourself as a victor in waiting! Mars suggests a sense of challenge will pursue you whatever you do, wherever you go. So refuse to take a silly situation too seriously.

How come it’s nearly Christmas… again? Haven’t we only just had the last one? Aren’t there still drawers in your home full of unwanted trinkets from last year? What is this obsession with the great recurring festive fantasy? How come we’re all shopping, wrapping and preparing for a few days of mindless overindulgence at the month end? Oh well. At least this year, there’s a seasonal twist. Now, we get to do it all against a backdrop of collapsing banks and vanishing jobs! Mmmm. Nice. Sorry to sound cynical. I know you don’t really need me to echo the doubts you already have in your heart. But, listen, I’ve got news. Despite your worries… you’re set for a good time soon!

(Hopefully that points to a successful conclusion to that contract I mentioned previously.)


Revenge of the Moose

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!!!

Moosebutter has come out with their own video of their Star Wars song, which was capably lipsynched previously by Corey Vidal in late October (his video is nearing 3 million views so far).

(I believe that’s Weston in the top left, Chris in the top right, Tim in the bottom right, and Glen in the bottom left.)

And it’s a fresh new recording.

You heard me. Not them lipsynching to their original song, but actually singing LIVE for the video. Lots more fun than Corey’s, though Corey did a good job. I question the mentioning of Natalie Portman after “So you have a twin sister who Obi Wan was wise to hide” (she was Mom, not twin sister) but otherwise it was a cool update to the classic. Good job, guys.

Did I mention this was awesome? It’s only right that this video top Corey’s in view count — it’s only at 2,522 now so you’ve all got a lot of watching to do.

Go watch it. Now. And pass it on to all your friends.