Revenge of the Moose

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!!!

Moosebutter has come out with their own video of their Star Wars song, which was capably lipsynched previously by Corey Vidal in late October (his video is nearing 3 million views so far).

(I believe that’s Weston in the top left, Chris in the top right, Tim in the bottom right, and Glen in the bottom left.)

And it’s a fresh new recording.

You heard me. Not them lipsynching to their original song, but actually singing LIVE for the video. Lots more fun than Corey’s, though Corey did a good job. I question the mentioning of Natalie Portman after “So you have a twin sister who Obi Wan was wise to hide” (she was Mom, not twin sister) but otherwise it was a cool update to the classic. Good job, guys.

Did I mention this was awesome? It’s only right that this video top Corey’s in view count — it’s only at 2,522 now so you’ve all got a lot of watching to do.

Go watch it. Now. And pass it on to all your friends.


6 thoughts on “Revenge of the Moose

  1. Hi, Louise!

    I’m Tim, from moosebutter.

    I want to personally apologize for the ‘Natalie Portman’ outburst. I know it was Carrie Fisher… it was my lame attempt to be funny. We were trying to do as much as possible to differentiate this performance from the original recording; in the moment, it felt funny.

    Thanks for your support!

  2. Tim!!!! Glad to see you here. Absolutely nothing to apologize for — I’ve made a few lame attempts to be funny in my life, with far less success or talent. 😉

    You know, every time I watch the video, I love that all four of you tilt your heads back and forth during the Jurassic Park theme (“la la la”) since that’s what I do when I’m singing along. It seemed wrong that Corey didn’t. LOL

    By the way, it’s kind of funny that the comments on this video on Youtube are either people who STILL haven’t got two clues to rub together (and don’t look for any — “Dude, these guys are ripping off Corey”) or people who are defending you. You’ve got some staunch fans there, and I hope you’re getting more and more every day.

  3. Hehe. If only Moosebutter had done a video like this first! Then what originality would Corey have had? [wink] We can credit Corey for causing this video to happen–and a great video it is–and for giving Moosebutter so many freakin’ hits, via Corey and, now, their own video. Video-wise, it works best without the microphones–but I suppose they did that, as you mentioned, to prove they were singing it live. As i mentioned in my blog post about this: Corey, though a bit vague about his attribution, brought a lot of attention to Moosebutter through his video, and can be credited with causing a new form of Youtube songstyling. There are now hundreds of imitators of the “form” of Corey’s video–and even other people doing Moosebutter! So it is Corey’s form that has become viral–as well as Moosebutter’s song. I believe, though, in the long run, that Corey’s “style”–heavily imitated now–will peak as a fad soon. No one is adding anything interesting to it–no one is Vidalizing it, as Corey did Moosebutter, so I suspect it will just fade. Here’s hoping that Corey Vidalizes Moosebutter through an amiable working contract with them. Kudos to both Vidal and Moosebutter!

  4. Well, I didn’t need to go into that. Moosebutter already heaps praise on Corey on their website. Everything is amiable! Congratulations to them for their contract with Warner Music.

  5. I think you’ve misread something, jstueart. (Or I’ve missed something.) I see that the moosebutter video I linked to above has been removed “due to terms of use violation”, and it looks like Corey’s Youtube account has been suspended as well. And I see now from the official moosebutter site that Warner Bros has been flexing their legal muscles to get the videos removed. How insane is that? Listening to the moosebutter song actually made me go buy some of the official soundtrack music for those movies, so Warner Bros. made money off me as a result that they wouldn’t have otherwise. If they were smart, they’d have cashed in on it as a marketing tool instead of being heavy handed.

    Absolutely insane. Boo, Warner Bros. Anyone who hasn’t done so yet should go buy the music before Warner Bros. gets that removed as well.

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