New Simon’s Cat video

I’ve been waffling back and forth about whether to post about the new video, which Simon uploaded a few days ago.

On the one hand, I like Simon. I like his videos and appreciate his dedication to the RSPCA and animal welfare. And I adore Simon’s Cat, in all his self-centered glory. But on the other hand, “Simon’s Sister’s Dog” falls flat for me:

1. It isn’t Simon’s Cat. We love the cat. The cat is why the videos have such a huge following. A dog really just doesn’t quite cut it.

2. The Simon’s Cat videos are funny. A bit dark sometimes but really funny. “Simon’s Sister’s Dog”  isn’t. And I doubt it was meant to be, given the subject.

3. “Simon’s Sister’s Dog” is preachy, something the Simon’s Cat videos never are. When people are jonesing for a another entertaining slice of Simon’s cat owner life, a visual slap on the wrist about overfeeding your dog isn’t quite what they were looking for. I appreciate the message but not the delivery.

The comments on the Youtube page are mostly positive, but after three days, the video has only had 120,643 views. Had it been a new cat video, I guarantee you that number would be a whole lot higher. I don’t see this one reaching the multi-million views that the other videos have.


One thought on “New Simon’s Cat video

  1. But I love it! I’m sure is just matter of time to get the attention, plus it has a message, hope make people think. Care for animals!

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