The Me Project: Day 28 – Returning to myself

Two things have always been a part of my emotional makeup: creativity and physical human contact.

They are symbiotic. When I block one, I cripple the other. When I stopped creative pursuits, I withdrew from people around me. And the more I cocooned myself, the less creativity existed in my life. It fed upon itself. And I find myself now half-starved, barely sustaining myself with fast food creation and junk affection. Dribs and drabs here, tiny morsels there. Little to nourish the soul. Some days I think the physical Presence of the cat is all that keeps me from going completely insane. Other days I’m not sure I haven’t already gone there anyway.

I thought I could just concentrate on fixing the physical Me, but clearly I need to reconnect with at least some of my other dreams while I’m doing it or I have little hope of achieving anything, of finding the True Me.

Musique du jour:

This insight brought to you by Imogen Heap on auto-repeat.


Jonathan Cainer’s week ahead:  (Part 1) There are things you have to do. You can’t put them off any longer. Nor can you allow yourself to be dissuaded by those who seem to think there are better times to act. They don’t appreciate the urgency of the situation. They are not going through what you are going through. They will happily push you into an inappropriate course of action – or urge caution, even when a decisive move is surely more suitable. What they won’t ever do, though, is say, ‘I don’t know.’ Few are ever wise or honest enough to do that. To use your power well, you need the advice of someone you can truly trust.

(Part 2) Christmas is going to be different this year. The future starts here. The past however, does not end here. It carries on, influencing the choices that you are now trying to make. That’s appropriate and positive, to some extent at least. You don’t want to break away entirely from all that you have laboured so long to learn. But you do need a break. You need to free yourself from a habit pattern that has become far more than just a cosy routine. It is almost as if you have become a prisoner of your preferences and your prejudices. Here comes a rare chance to make some welcome changes. Look again at what seems to be going wrong. It’s right in more ways than you know.