I had a dream about Tai Chi last night. Funny that the dream me doesn’t remember any more of it than the waking me does — it would be nice if it had been able to tap into the deep recesses of my memory, where I’m sure the entire set is stored.

I miss doing Tai Chi. It’s a marvelously effective meditation tool because it keeps your conscious mind occupied remembering the movements. I haven’t done it for over 15 years, though, which is why I can’t remember more than the first 10 or 15 moves or so. I stopped when the classes started to be more spiritual/religious. I don’t want to become a Taoist, and Taoist teachings became more and more a part of things. That’s a problem I have with Tai Chi and other martial arts as well as with yoga. If I do Tai Chi or yoga, I want to incorporate them as simple tools into my own spiritual and health practices without the extra baggage of someone else’s religion. (I’ve already established that I have issues with organized religions, right?)