Bus strikes and job hunts

I applied for a job posting I saw this morning without really paying attention to where the company’s offices were located. Only after I hit submit did I think, “Oh, crap, they’re in Kanata.” No car, no bus, cabs would be prohibitively expensive, and it’d be too far to walk even if I *could*. So even if they do call me for an interview, I can’t go. Nor could I actually get to work there if I was hired. Downtown, I could probably swing with cabs. But Kanata is just impossible.

Talked to one of the agents I was talking with before. Nothing has happened so far with one of the contracts I’d been submitted for and it looks like they’ve probably just decided not to go forward with me. So, it’s been a bit of a downer of a day. Hopefully the new year will bring more with it.


Christmas and Me Are Through

Chuck versus Santa ClausMonday’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck versus Santa Claus”, included a really catchy song at the end that perfectly captured the poignancy of the ending of the episode.

At the time the episode aired, I couldn’t find anything at all about the song. Thankfully, now there is information all over the place. The song is “Christmas and Me Are Through” by Your Vegas. Unfortunately, I can’t find where you can actually get this song — it’s not on their debut album and it isn’t available on Canadian iTunes as a separate download.

Edited to add (December 18): Aha! Found it on thesixtyone.com, where you can either listen to it streaming on the site or you can download it. Presumably the band itself is OK with the MP3 being available for free, since it isn’t available on iTunes or on an actual album. I think that’s positively cool — Live did that with “Overcome” and it probably netted them new fans as a result. I know that I’m likely to buy their album now. (Just haven’t decided to do it via iTunes or actually buy a CD.)

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