Thursday bright spots

What a strange Thursday.

Got a call this morning from another contracting agency. It’s the same job I’d applied for over a month ago, that I hadn’t heard anything about in ages. Turns out that specific opening had been filled weeks ago and this is a new opening for the same type of job. The agency is checking now to see if old resumes are being reused or if they’re looking for new resumes. If they’re looking for new, then I think she’s going to submit mine again — she’s going to get back to me by the end of the day. That would be good since I haven’t heard anything else from the original submitting agency.

A few moments after I’d hung from talking with them, I received a call from another agent at a different agency, who’d seen my updated resume on Workopolis. She sent me some forms to fill out so she can start up a file and, in light of the bus strike, we’re going to have a phone meeting on Monday.

So, let me put it out to the Universe. I want to start a new job in January 2009. Really. I’m OK with having the rest of December off but I want, need to get back to work. No, I will get back to work in the new year.


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