BBC still miffed at Russell

I was a bit annoyed to learn that the BBC wasn’t going to air this year’s “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” episode with Russell Brand as guest team captain. It was originally due to air on October 30, but that was in the thick of the ruckus over the answering machine message. I kept hoping up until the last minute that they’d decide to tack it onto the end of the season, but that never happened. Channel 4 hasn’t had a problem with airing new episodes of Russell Brand’s Ponderland in the wake of the controversy and civilization hasn’t collapsed.

(Ooh, just realized from the Wikipedia entry that there’s going to be a Ponderland Christmas special on Sunday. Cool. Also just realized that he was in “Bedtime Stories”, Adam Sandler’s new movie. Double Cool. Russell Brand is one of the few comedians who can actually make me laugh out loud when I’m alone.)

Speaking of movies (and Russell Brand), I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” the other day. It’s not a particularly good movie, but I was surprised to see that Russell Brand did a pretty credible job. I expected him to pretty much act as himself (“himself” being his usual over-the-top stage persona — I have no idea what he’s like in private), but he actually played it moderately seriously.


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