End of year cleanout

Have decided to make it my primary goal to finish my “spring cleaning” by the end of the year. Got a good start on it today. I can actually see floor now, though my back is killing me.

And I have a load of groceries that are supposed to be arriving any minute now. (They’d better — there’s only another 1/2 hour left in the delivery window and I would hate to find at the last minute that I have to wait until tomorrow, or worse have my order cancelled.) It’s a mix of healthy food and comfort food, assuming they had everything in stock. If not, I’ll have to cab it out tomorrow to pick up something. Not my first choice of ways to pass my time, standing in line at the grocery store during the last minute Christmas rush.

Added later: The groceries finally arrived. Interac machine wasn’t working so I had to write a cheque — I suspect the store won’t be happy about that and that I’ll hear from the delivery guy tomorrow saying he has to get cash or Interac. I remember the cons with ordering your groceries online now. Many items that I was really hoping for weren’t available, I ordered a couple of items wrong myself, and, despite my insistence that there should be no substitutions, they made substitutions. So I have food that I don’t want and won’t eat. I could contact the store tomorrow about it but it’s really not worth the hassle, and I wasn’t going to keep the poor delivery guy here any longer than I had to in order for me to go through everything — it was 10pm and he still had more deliveries to make. I felt bad for him. It’s weird — some of the stuff I was looking forward to didn’t taste as good as I wanted it to and most of the rest is just mediocre. So that was a lot of money spent for food that essentially is just “meh”. Next time I’ll suck it up and brave the crowds.