Enlightenment Cards and a Course in Miracles

These cards were created by Gary Renard and published by Hay House. I was intrigued by thesm when I first saw them. I was almost ready to buy them tonight just based on reviews on Amazon.com until I saw some of the images in Janet Boyer’s review. The examples she gave in her Amazon review were sort of general spiritual, but the cards on the review on her site make it clear that there is a Christian bent to the cards. That was an immediate turn-off.

I then started looking at the deck and Gary’s book more closely. The references to “A Course In Miracles” should have been a dead give-away, and very much underscore my new aversion to it.

I may read the book one day — I suspect my reaction would be similar to many of the people who gave the book a 1 star rating at Amazon as I no longer appreciate or believe in the idea that there is one true path or that the one true path involves Jesus Christ. You might have convinced me of that when I was in my teens, when my spiritual crisis was just beginning at the age of 16, but not for decades. I get a real Scientology vibe from just the positive reviews. I’m a little disappointed at the somewhat gushy nature of Janet Boyer’s review as well.

Dammit. I just realized that, when I signed up for some Oprah newsletters a few months ago, I opted into the “A Course in Miracles” newsletter from Marianne Williamson. (I’ve never read any of them so opting in was clearly not a good choice, but I digress.) When I signed up, I really wasn’t paying attention to the name of the books she was talking about — the description on her Oprah.com page skirts around things, making it all seem like generic New Age spirituality and power of intention type stuff. I’m disappointed. I don’t want Christian-centric spiritual teachings or inspirations. It’s not helpful to me. In fact, it makes me angry and negative, which is the complete opposite to what I want. I’m actually horrified. And it completely alters my opinion of both Marianne Williamson and Oprah Winfrey.


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