Celebrity Big Brother begins again

The latest series (Celebrity Big Brother 6) begins airing tonight.

I watched most of the episodes of Celebrity Big Brother 5 (2007) when it aired. It was so bad it was brilliant. I didn’t watch the last episodes because, frankly, it was apparent from the beginning of the controversy who was going to win and why so there was no point watching. That pretty much killed my interest in the future of the series. And it’s always the same D List celebrities who appear on these types of shows: has-been musicians, reality show celebrities, rehab rejects, freaks, Traci Bingham, Verne Troyer, Brigitte Nielsen, some member of the Jackson family… It’s like a train wreck. Is that why we watch?

If you watch the Extras Christmas special from last year, where Ricky Gervais (as Andy Milman) ends up in the Celebrity Big Brother house, you’ll never watch Celebrity Big Brother the same way again.

You can view the entire episode on Youtube (the version tweaked for the US market, apparently.)


Forced vote won’t end bus strike, union boss warns

Day 24 of the strike.

Ottawa Citizen: Forced vote won’t end bus strike, union boss warns

The City of Ottawa is in for a nasty surprise when transit workers reject an offer to settle the strike, says union boss André Cornellier.

Love the threat in that.

By the way, if you’re interested, there are a number of OC Transpo-related groups on Facebook, including Make OC Transpo an Essential Service and I don’t need sex anymore because OC Transpo f*s me every day!. The former was created in response to this strike and the latter is a more general group that was created over a year ago. Both currently have quite large membership lists.

Giving up or breaking free?

As the new year unfolds, I’m considering dumping the dead wood in my life. In particular, I’m revisiting the idea of permanently abandoning the hobby that has consumed much of my life for the last decade or so.

I’ve had that thought off and on for years. Some days, the urge is very strong. Other days, it barely exists. But it is almost always there in some respect. The hobby, and the people I’ve met through it, energizes me but it drains me at the same time. At some point, a point quickly coming closer, the balance between the two is going to shift for the worse. I’d thought the friendships I’d built while pursuing this hobby might outlast the hobby, but most of them are already gone or so nearly gone that it makes no difference. So, what else keeps me there? And is it enough to make up for the soul leeching, the negativity that I can’t escape or avoid? Those are questions that I need to think long and hard about because, if I leave this time, I don’t think I’ll be back, and I’m not sure I’m prepared for the hole that will leave. Continue reading “Giving up or breaking free?”

Me != Home Ec

I never took Home Ec in school. The junior high school I attended didn’t offer Home Ec or Industrial Arts classes until after we’d moved on to high school — you could take Art or you could take Art. In high school, I had no room in my schedule for anything like home ec, shop, or gym (I was already taking the maximum number of classes you could take each year): in grade 10, I took English, Math, French, Science, Theatre Arts, and History; in grade 11, I took honours Chemistry and Physics, English, Math, French, and History; in grade 12, I took honours Chemistry and Physics again, English, Math, French, Geology, and Law. So, my sister puttered away in Home Ec alone and I never really learned how to sew or cook properly. My mother tried a couple of times to teach me to sew with her sewing machine but I just lost interest in it. Continue reading “Me != Home Ec”