Spritualism and mediumship

A special three-part documentary series aired during the last couple of days on Channel 4 in the UK featuring Tony Robinson (of Blackadder and Time Team fame) and science journalist Becky McCall investigating a number of paranormal phenomena. The shows include:

The shows were less general paranormal investigation and more spiritualism/mediumship investigation. But they were interesting and just happened to come along at a time when I am renewing a personal interest in Spiritualism and mediumship in general.

I would classify myself as an skeptical believer about most things psychic and paranormal in that I believe that most psychic abilities and paranormal phenomena are possible, but I’m also very skeptical about things that I have not witnessed and investigated myself. The fact that psychic abilities and paranormal events can be faked does not mean that they can’t really occur, but the sheer ease with which such things can be faked and the number of con men and fakers that crop up whenever there’s a scent of easy money in the air makes it imperative that people explore such things with a critical mind.

It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching TV shows with questionable content or pasts. Most Haunted, for example, is one of my favourite shows. Not because I believe what they are experiencing are real paranormal events but because the situations make me continually explore what I believe is possible within my own mind, and because they help to sharpen your critical thinking skills while you are picking apart the flaws in the science of what they are doing. The fact that they’ve been involved in fakery scandals in the past is irrelevant to my enjoyment.


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