Blah blah blah bus strike continues yada yada

Big surprise that the strike vote went 75% in favour of rejecting the city’s offer. Not.

Most people that I’ve talked to today are even less supportive of the striking bus workers than they were before, if that’s possible. There is some bitterness but mostly it’s a firm, don’t-give-in-to-the-union, hunkering down for a long seige kind of thing. I expect this to go on for a long time.

More news from last couple of days:

And other sites:

  • ATU Local 279’s strike site – Chock full of yummy union goodness (OK, “goodness” isn’t the word I was really thinking but I think you knew that)

[This post was originally written mostly on January 8 and partly on January 9 for intended publication on January 9, but technical issues prevented me from doing that. So it was pre-dated and published on January 13 instead.]