Broken silence

So, I’ve been quiet for the last few days. Here, at least.

My main PC won’t boot (technically it boots, it just won’t finish loading Windows). We’ve come to the conclusion, my techie guru friend and I, that the hard drive is full from an unfortunate spyware incident on Thursday. (I’ve only ever gotten spyware twice and both times were after visiting a particular site and both times were using Firefox — I’ve never gotten infected using IE.)

So, I’ve been using my old iMac. No one loves OS 9.2, including WordPress, so I haven’t been able to log on to do anything here (or many other places). Not a happy camper by any stretch of the imagination. I have been logging things offline and I had a number of posts ready to go (but still in Draft mode) here so I will pre-date those posts and add them here as I get a chance. 

 Today was a much better day. The PC is still waiting for me to take it apart, but my cute little Acer Aspire One arrived. It’s a little slow but still faster than my iMac. And I can log into the places I couldn’t access before.