Random Wednesday nothingness

The job interview yesterday went pretty well. They’re interviewing a lot of people over the next week or so, but they also have several positions open. I get a positive vibe from them and I think I’ll be offered one of the contracts, but who really knows. I’ve thought that before and been wrong. LOL While I was waiting for my interviewer to come get me, I met up with two of the guys I worked with last year. That was worth the visit all on its own. I’ve missed them. One has been promoted to the manager of the team, which is cool. They made some cryptic comments related to that nebulous job opening I mentioned last year and left with a “We’ll talk soon.” Hrm.

Bought groceries on the way home. It was a very expensive taxi day but I managed to buy the stuff I’ve been jonesing for since Christmas. If I get the contract and if the bus strike continues on that long, I’ll have to start walking at least part of the way or I’ll go broke with cab fares.

Shared my dinner with the cat yesterday — bologna, cheese, and pickles on crackers. Yummy. I can’t believe he likes pickles. Mind you, he apparently loves olives as well but I don’t so we never have those on hand.