Say it ain’t so, Grissom

Has it really been nine years?

I’m going to miss William Petersen on CSI. I hated it when Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) left. The only thing that would make it palatable is if Grissom was leaving Las Vegas CSI to join Sara. I loved them as a couple, and it would be OK if the two were together “somewhere else”.

Him happily trekking through a Costa Rican rainforest to find her was brilliant. The perfect ending to both of their stories and exactly what I wanted.

I’m all squishy happy inside.



2 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, Grissom

  1. You know what? I didn’t care about this even a little bit. Ha ha. My daughter watches all the CSIs and I catch bits and pieces of it and she’s all “Awwwww, no more Grissom and Awwww he went to Sara…”

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