Still waiting

No word yet about that job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. I pinged the recruiter who hasn’t heard anything either. I’m getting antsy. Last time, the company took awhile to sort things out. I hope that doesn’t happen this time.

I did hear from another recruiter about another job today, a shorter term contract that would start on Monday. (Actually heard from two agencies about that one.) Pays a little more but is only two months. And it’s downtown, which should be doable by cab, assuming I can get one.

Also pinged Superannuation — they still haven’t received the form they need from my former employer in order to release my transfer amount. So she gave me the name of the person they tried to contact and I’m going to try to light a fire under her myself. Haven’t been able to reach her yet.

I’ve been sick with that bad head cold for the last couple of days. Feeling a fair bit better today so think I will get stuck back into the decluttering tomorrow, starting with the bedroom. (I’d really like to start sleeping there again sometime soon.)


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