Hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel

But not really expecting any.

I wasn’t able to take part in the demonstrations that took place yesterday on Parliament Hill and at City Hall. I’m sorry more people didn’t turn up but more turned up than I expected —  it’s hard to get to something like that, especially in weather this cold, without, oh, say, public transportation.

Talks are apparently continuing today, though there is still a media blackout on the details. The optimist in me would like to think something will come of that that will end the strike sooner rather than later. But the apathetic realist in me isn’t really holding out a great deal of hope.

It’s weird job hunting, knowing there are jobs I could, should be applying for but can’t because the jobs are too far away to walk (even if I could) and too expensive to cab to. Having a mild panic attack today.


3 thoughts on “Hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel

  1. I would have loved to attend the protests, too, but ya — no way to get there. Bastards. Some of the church leaders have contacted the city telling them to get off their butts and Ecology Ottawa has collected more than 4000 signatures on their online petition. 2 protests yesterday. People are fed up. But I’m not even cautiously optimistic anymore. Especially since it’s going to take forever to get the buses back running even if they do ever settle the damn strike. Anyway, take heart. You’re not alone. Write lots of emails to anyone you can think of — councillors, the Mayor, your MPP, the media. Tell them your jobless plight story.

    1. Ah, well. It was short-lived hope, anyway, eh? Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” keeps going through my head. Matches my mood — up, down, hot, cold. LOL

  2. Sorry to hear there weren’t more people, but at least protests were organized. This strike has moved from being petty and ridiculous to a commentary on the ineptitude of our current government.

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