Deal nearly done to settle transit strike?

Breaking news from Ottawa Citizen: Deal nearly done to settle transit strike

The city and its largest transit union are making a dramatic push to reach an agreement to end the transit strike ahead of federal legislation sending 2,300 OC Transpo workers back on the job.

A number of city councillors are in Mayor Larry O’Brien’s office now, working on the effort. Mr. O’Brien is expected to make an announcement shortly.

“It looks good. It’s going to be good,” one councillor said.

This comes on the heels of news that the federal government was going to be looking into back-to-work legislation. See Day 51: Area MPs willing to legislate Transpo back to work.

According to CTV, the deal is done, but I haven’t seen anything about it in the Ottawa Citizen.

The City of Ottawa and the Amalgamated Transit Union have reached a deal that will end a public transit strike that has paralyzed the nation’s capital for 51 days.

Both sides have agreed to put the contract dispute to binding arbitration.

Although an agreement has been made, it will still take at least one week to get the first round of buses serviced and back on the roads.

Dammit, this better not be a tease.


3 thoughts on “Deal nearly done to settle transit strike?

  1. I’m cutting edge, I tell ya. When I first posted, was the only site reporting the end of the strike. Glad to see now that it isn’t just a rumor. Funny to see that what has been agreed to is what the city offered days ago, sending everything to binding arbitration.

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  3. It’s all over except the wailing and gnashing of teeth — and there’s going to be lots of that for a while, when both sides find out they’ve lost a hell of a lot and the whole 51 days was a collosal waste of time

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