Bus service to resume February 9

Ottawa Citizen breaking news: OC Transpo back on the road Feb. 9

OC Transpo bus service will resume on Feb. 9, with the system running at about 80 per cent of full capacity, Ottawa’s transit director Alain Mercier said Friday. That includes 60 per cent of peak-hour service and 100 per cent of off-peak service, he said.

So, a little more than a week of same old, same old and then a return to (no doubt somewhat cranky) normalcy.


5 thoughts on “Bus service to resume February 9

    1. Oh, I know. A very small corner of my heart feels a little sorry for what the bus drivers are going to have to endure, but then the rest of my heart kicks that small corner into submission and it shuts up.

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  2. And they thought they had to endure the bad from clientele before.

    I’m just hoping people will just not be politely civil (i.e. give’em the cold shoulder) and not do something that would impede bus service.

    1. I hear ya. I expect they will have to put up with getting an earful from at least a few people, though. Hopefully it won’t escalate into something worse. We’ve all suffered enough.

      BTW glad to see you back here. I’ve missed your comments. 🙂

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